Multiple ehernet cards

John Munoz
Tue Oct 20 01:14:41 1998

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Oct 1998 wrote:
> > Hi tulip'ers,
> >
> > > I'm trying to get both a 3Com (ISA) and LinkSys (PCI) card working.
> > > Thanks to the previous responses, I upgraded to v0.89 of tulip.c
> > > and have the LinkSys card working.  Each card works independently
> > > but the 3Com card is inactive with the LinkSys card inserted.
> > >


> I think Don Becker has reported using as many as four tulip cards in one
> machine, and I've used as many as three cards (not all tulips, though)
> so you should have no real trouble getting multiple cards running,
> especially if they are all the same kind (and ideally all PCI).
>    rgb
> Robert G. Brown             


I am using two isa ethernet (3c515 100bt and  3c509b? 10bt) in the same
machine. It is pretty slow, but it is a 83mhz pentium OverDrive
isa/eisa/vesa.  When the ISA 100bt card is the target of an ftp copy (20
Megs), I get 8.3 Mbps (seems pretty fast...) Of course, you may be able
to overclock the ISA bus to boost performance. I have not tried this

Using the 4 port Matrox Shark or Adaptec Quartet boards, you might be
able to get 16 interfaces working...  If you wanted to spend on 600-800
US$ per PCI NIC.

Aren't there also some motherboards with twin PCI bridges and 8 or more
PCI slots?