Multiple ethernet cards
Mon Oct 19 01:51:33 1998


> Seriously, when you consider the work levels involved, a $30 tulip card
> is cheap.  It has taken me >>hours<< to get an ISA card working right --
> on more than one occasion.  What is your time worth?

Tulip card is cheap enough to be comparable with any ISA Ethernet card.
However, PCI slot is precious.  I've one system with 1 VGA PCI card,
2 SCSI PCI cards, and 1 tulip PCI card, ie. all PCI slots occupied.  
When I have to insert one more network to build up another ethernet 
segment, I've to search for more than a week for cheap cheap ISA VGA 
card from 2nd hand stores.  Actually, I got a few more ISA VGA cards 
under my drawer, in case I need yet another PCI slot!

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