Unknown PCI device ID 40007210

Sami Yousif syousif@iname.com
Fri Oct 16 17:24:26 1998

Whe I run tulip-diag w/ the -fa option, I get 

Unknown PCI device ID 40007210

The card seems to be working correctly, and is seen in /proc/pci

/proc/interrutps also has the correct IRQ for the card, and it is NOT
sharing IRQs 

I have a feeling that it has nothing to do with the tulip driver or the
card (an SMC etherpower 10/100) but something on the machine that is not
detected... The thing is ... what...?

everything thats supposed to be there "seems to be" showing up on

The thing is... the only program that seems to detect it is

any hints? 


Sami Yousif


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