Tulip on Fujitsu Lifebook

Kelsey Jordahl kels@rapa.whoi.edu
Fri Oct 9 16:37:10 1998

>>>>> "Donald" == Donald Becker <becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov> writes:

    > I now suspect that EEPROM isn't correct.  The only connection
    > possible is through the MII transceiver and, just like with the
    > TDK MII transceiver on a CardBus implementation, it won't work
    > with the 21143 in reduced-power mode.  The 21143 doesn't
    > generate a steady external clock in this mode.

    > Try this driver version:
    > ftp://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/linux/pcmcia/tulip.c

Thanks!  It works!  I didn't think so at first, because I looked at
the output of tulip-diag before I tried making a connection, and it
didn't look any different (it still said "Negotiation did not
complete"), but when I tried to ping another machine, there it was!
Everything seems to work OK so far.

Many thanks,