LinkSys LC82C169 question

Dan Hugo
Mon Nov 30 05:40:26 1998

I've read the page at

I'm trying to get at least one (eventually two) of these cards working
with a 2.0.34 kernel (Debian 2.0 dist, i386)

I've got the tulip driver loading as a module.  the boot message shows a
Lite-On card, 0xe000, IRQ 11 and the tulip.c version line.

With no extra options or anything, the card seems to be broadcasting (?)
or something, and continues to do so every few seconds.  I have a 5 port
10BaseT hub (LinkSys also) that I know works, but with this card on its
port light blinks like crazy every few seconds, and the collision light
is on.  When the port light stops blinking, the collision light goes

I compiled and ran the tulip-diag program.  Run with no options, it
reports that there is no tulip card in /proc, so I run it with -p0xe000
and it seems to detect the card.  

I can get the output if that will help.  It does show a growing number
of errors on Tx and Rx, of course, and if I unplug the UTP, I get
timeout messages every few seconds.

I added options=0, no change,
options=4, continous blinking/collision, as opposed to periodic

I am not at all certain what to do at this point... any suggestions?

(The machine is off right now, as the memory I got had some problems,
otherwise I would provide more info in this message... if more info is
necessary, I can boot it up with low memory...)

Thanks for any info

Dan Hugo