21143 autonegotiate bug, and v0.91 progress report.

David david@kalifornia.com
Wed Nov 25 22:27:57 1998

Reply to mail from Russell Nelson about 21143 autonegotiate bug, and v0.91 progress report.
> Donald Becker writes:
>  >    It's impossible to lock the media type of a 21040 chip -- it will always
>  >    switch to AUI when it loses 10baseT link beat.
> Why would you want to?  Switching to AUI in the absence of link beat
> is a good thing.

because i don't use aui anywhere and if i unplug the cable for a moment to
move it, i want it to return to 10baseT without manual intervention.

getting locked on aui is therefore a bad thing.

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