SMC1211TX + linux no go

Geoff Winkless
Mon Nov 16 11:37:14 1998

Herman wrote:

>i have a smc 1211TX card, in a PII x86 box , running linux 2.1.128.
>I have problems with the loading of tulip module.


>The output of cat/proc/pci is:
>  Bus  0, device  15, function  0:
>    Ethernet controller: Unknown vendor Unknown device (rev 16).
>      Vendor id=1113. Device id=1211.
>      Medium devsel.  IRQ 5.  Master Capable.  Latency=64.  Min
>Gnt=32.Max Lat=64.
>      I/O at 0xec00 [0xec01].
>      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xfebffc00 [0xfebffc00].

>Can anyone help me with this problem.

This id+device (1113+1211) is the Accton MPX5030 network chip. I know this
cos I have one myself and was just about to post a question until I figured
it out myself.

A driver of sorts is at but this appears
to be quite dated. Anyone know where this driver went to (since the link
within the file is dead, nice one whoever maintains the site, some sort of
explanation might have been nice...)

Dunno how well it works, going to try it tonight.

I assumed that the tulip driver would be the correct one since the tulip
site states that the accton cheetah works with the tulip - what it omits to
mention is the chip revision, ie EN1207, EN1207-TX, EN1207B-TX, EN1207C-TX
use the DEC chip, but EN1207D does -not-.

Ho hum.