tulip interacting with cyclades?

Jon Lewis jlewis@inorganic5.fdt.net
Sun Nov 15 17:23:37 1998

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Donald Becker wrote:

> Your BIOS is broken: it does not shut off the bus-master capability of the
> card when it warm boots.
> The work-around for the Tulip driver is to put the following in the shutdown
> script
>   /sbin/ifconfig eth0 down
> Non-network adapters will likewise require some way of shutting down the
> hardware.

Why does this problem only come up in the system that has ISA Cyclades and
a tulip card?  The motherboard is a Tyan Tomcat I (with the old BIOS they
once produced that has NCR SCSI support).  I've not noticed this problem
in any of the other Tomcats I have using the same BIOS, same tulip cards,
but no cyclades cards.

This seems to be a potentially big problem, since if I have to shut things
down before rebooting to get the next boot to succeed, then adding a
hardware watchdog card (something I've wanted to do for some time for the
periodic lockups every few months) won't do much good.  Is there a chance
there's some BIOS setting I can change to deal with this?

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