Tulip Driver .89H and .90

tulip@Mythos.Org tulip@Mythos.Org
Tue Nov 10 20:37:05 1998

		2 - Cogent 4Port NIC's from Adaptec
		HP NetServer LS

I've been running 2.0.36-pre15 with .89H for the last week or so.  I tried an up
date to 2.0.36-pre20, but ended up with the NIC's not responding correctly.

During the insert of the module, it detects the first card but only 3 of the 4
ports on it.

And then detects the second card and all 4 ports on it.  But it will not
initialize the media type correctly, and the Link light will never come on.
Moving back to 2.0.36-pre15 seems to solve the problem, but isn't a good

Alan Cox said I should try here first and see what you guys come up with.

	Travis Melhiser