kingston kne-100tx vs. @home lancity cable modem

Robert G. Brown
Wed Nov 4 23:21:03 1998

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Mark Hahn wrote:

> > when I was contemplating my own home ADSL NIC-Modem connection -- The
> > cable required is a crossover cable.  Think about it -- when connecting
> I believe there is no standard for whether a cable-mode/etc

Depressing, but probably true.  If you have been told that your modem
can plug directly into a hub, though, it probably needs crossover.

> requires a crossover or straight-through.  my cable modem,
> a Samsung, needs a straight connection.  one handy way to test
> this is a hub with a port that switches between straight and crossed.

Or just get a crossover cable -- maybe $10 at Intrex or Best Buy or any
decent computer store.  The cable the Cable Modem Guys should have given
you (not you but him) should have been right, though...


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