Point-to-point networking

John Kennedy jk@csuchico.edu
Wed Nov 4 16:05:37 1998

[Chris Faherty]
>  ...  You need a cross-over cable.  On one of the ends of your cable,
>  swap pins 1 & 3 and also pins 2 & 6.  Maybe the stores have them
>  pre-made.  Also you should try and force one or both cards into
>  the desired mode so that they don't have to chicken-n-egg guess
>  the capability of one another.

  Umm...  1&2 are a pair, and 3&6 are another.  Depending on your
perspective, they are RD+&RD- (1&2) and TD+&TD- (3&6).

  So, you need to connect 1&2 on one side to 3&6 on the other (in
both directions).
								--- john