more "new netgear" problems

Brian Ward
Sun Nov 1 12:19:03 1998

I wrote previously:
|So does anyone have a hint on this before I start hacking away?

Well, I don't know exactly what the cause was, but I apparently got these
things working now (tulip v0.90, kernel v2.0.34, 10BT half-duplex). I did
two things:

- replaced the patch cable (the previous one worked with the "old" tulip card
  though, however may or may not be trustworthy -- I'll have some undergrad
  test it soon)
- found a little setting in the #@^$#! PnP BIOS that had set that particular
  slot to IRQ5 - I set it to "auto." FYI, this is an Asus P5A board, AMD

Now to see if the rest of the system is stable. Maybe I'll have a look at
it later to see which one of these was actually the right thing to do.