Netgear FA310TX (21140-AF) not recognized by latest driver: bad DEVICE_ID

Mike Decerbo mdecerbo@BBN.COM
Wed Jul 29 11:47:17 1998

I bought a Bay Networks Netgear FA310TX ethernet card, largely on the
basis of the testimonial at 

that it works with Linux. This card has a DEC 21140-AF chip.

But the 0.89J tulip.c driver did not recognize the card, complaining
at boot time:

 Unknown tulip-style PCI ethernet chip type 1011 0008 detected: not configured

The 0x1011 is the vendor ID for DEC (PCI_VENDOR_ID_DEC); the 0x0008 is the
device ID, where the driver expects it to be 0x0009 for a 21140:

 #define PCI_DEVICE_ID_TULIP_FAST        0x0009          /* 21140. */

Is there anything that I might do to get the driver to work with this
card? I am an experienced C programmer but I do not have access to a
network testbed.

Alternately, can anyone suggest an inexpensive alternative?


Mike Decerbo