Matrox Shark NS-100/4

Donald Becker
Thu Jul 23 13:47:04 1998

On Thu, 23 Jul 1998 wrote:

>      I've been playing with the driver trying to get it to work with the
> Matrox Shark card. The driver consistanly
> reports that none of the 21140ae have EEPROMs, but this appears to be
> because Matrox have decided to
> use their own format for the contents of the EEPROM, and even more
> irritatingly have put the EEPROM on
> the second chip of 4....

Correct, that's exactly the problem.
Matrox did this deliberately so that standard 21*4* driver would not work
with their boards.

> Here's the contents of the second chips eeprom as printed by tulip-diag.c:
> Eeprom contents on chip index #2.
> ffff 0020 fc0e 08fc    ffff ffff ffff ffff

This is the station address.

But since it's on the second (or "third") chip, not even -DREVERSE_PROBE
will allow the chip with EEPROM to be found first.

Donald Becker
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