Slow transfer with 21140 card

Fuzzy Fox
Thu Jul 23 01:08:51 1998

Hannu Krosing <> wrote:
> Are you sure that the hubs are full-duplex ?

I think I'm having exactly this problem on my own network.  I have a
mixture of cards that the tulip driver supports (Macronix, 21140, etc.)
and I get different transfer rates depending on who is sending and who
is receiving.

The main problems occur when I'm sending data to one of the Macronix
cards.  They generate a large number of collisions.  I believe it is
because they are trying to operate in full-duplex mode, but as far as I
can tell, they have been forced to half-duplex.  I load the module with
these options:

  options tulip	options=3 debug=1 max_interrupt_work=40  # 100-base-T

What else can I do to prove that the card is/isn't trying to go

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