Hardware Suggestions

Matt Shirel shirel@iso.net
Sat Jul 11 10:34:59 1998


If possible, could a few of you make suggestions for  good value
(cost/performance) fast ethernet (tulip based) cards and hubs?

I'm preparing to build a cluster connected by 100Mb ethernet.  In the
prototype build, we used 3Com cards and a 3Com hub.  We ran into a few
problems with the initial recognition of the cards.  And basically, things
didn't go as smoothly as we need them to go for future production models.
Since then, I've read that the tulip cards tend to be more stable and have
fewer conflicts with other hardware.  So, I'd like to go with tulip cards
for our next build.  But I'm running into salesmen who can tell me the
brand of the card but don't know the workings of the card (suprise,suprise :).

Thanks for your help,


                                  Matt Shirel
                          Chemistry Graduate Student
		            University of Arkansas, Fayetteville