Cheap, good tulips...

Wed Dec 30 20:47:12 1998

The newer Netgear cards use their own chips. These are recognized as Lite-On by the 0.90 tulip driver, and 
I have been unable to get then to work with this driver. The good news, is that Netgear offers a patched version of tulip.c (v 0.89K)  that works nicely. I use it between my 2 computers (100 Mbps, full duplex). I also tested it with a 10 Mbps network (the duplex status was not noted). The patched version is available 
from This file is a DOS/Windows executable that provides driver updates for a range of executables. I will send the tulip.c file, on request, to anyone who finds it inconvenient to run a DOS executable.


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We bought a bunch of the Netgear FA 310 with the Digital chip on them...
The "older style" Netgear cards work great for us using 100MB Full Duplex.
Even on SMP machines we have not experienced any problems. I haven't had a
chance to try the newer Netgear cards, yet...