Compaq *somtimes* fails to see all tulip cards

Nigel Metheringham
Wed Dec 23 13:15:29 1998

We have just started to use some Compaq 1850 servers.  We typically put 
two tulips (Kingston KNE100TXs) into the box as well as its internal TLAN 
card - these are normally seen in that order (ie tulip - eth0, tulip eth1, 
TLAN eth2).

On these boxes, but no other Compaq systems we have seen, the kernel 
sometimes (maybe 1 in 2, or 1 in 3) fails to detect the second tulip.  Its 
possible that we have also changed to another batch of cards (Kingston do 
change the cards without letting anyone know - and this set seem to have 
been reliable unlike previous batches).   A reboot fixes the problem.  
There appears to be no difference between a cold and a warm boot as to 
whether the cards are seen.  A look into /proc/pci shows things as we 
expected them....

Any ideas as to whats happening??

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