SMP and stock devel kernel driver (0.83)

Steven Hanley
Mon Dec 21 21:35:47 1998

Hello People

I just got two 4 new DEC EtherWorks 100/10 DE 500 AA board tulips, 2 for
me and 2 for a friend. Anyway all worked fine on one of my boxes with a
single processor. However I founf the SMP box was getting a Tx
(transfer) error about once for every packet. So I upgraded to the
version on the website (0.90) and it all works fine on the SMP box. 

So wondering why the newer driver isnt in the latest devel kernels
(2.1.131-ac11) I emailed Alan Cox

his reply as to why the new tulip driver isnt in the kernel....

"It doesnt support the fast routing modifications. So until someone
merges the two code bases nothing will change"

Anyone know ehre the documentation (if there is any) about this fast
routing stuff is? and also if anyone is working on applying these
modifications to the latest tulip drivers?


	See You

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