Tulip list identification

Soenke Lange Soenke.Lange@escher.north.de
Mon Dec 7 07:19:07 1998

Hallo Nigel Metheringham
> Any chance that some header data can be added to the tulip list outgoing 
> mail so I can match it as list mail rather than personal stuff??
> Currently all the normal methods for identifying list mail fail - the 
> envelope sender is set to the originator of the mail (which means they get 
> the bounces as well), there are no X- whatever headers, nothing other than 
> the To/Cc line (which is not reliable), and a for clause in a Received: 
> line.
my procmailrc runs like this .. it doesn't fetch all but the most
# tulip developer list
* ^Sender: owner-linux-tulip@beowulf.gsfc.nasa.gov

i would prefer a line like this
X-Loop: tulip@beowulf.gsfc.nasa.go
in the header ... i don't know if it's common??


Soenke Lange
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