Step by step mini-guide???

Ronald V. Vazquez
Sun Dec 6 20:36:09 1998


I am trying to learn Linux administration on my own and I need some
help. I have two computers running Slackware 3.5 and Red Hat 5.1.
Slackware is not printing yet! I went to Best Buy and  bought Linksys'
Fast Ethernet Network Started Kit because I want to set my own little

My problem is, that since I'm trying to learn many things at once, there
is too much to read already and two jobs that won't leave much time
left. I wanted to know if you have a short mini-mini-mini-howto that I
could get from you.

Something like:

copy tulip.c to /usr...
do this
do this
do that

I don't know, if you think this request is too demanding, my apologies,