new Netgear 310TX?

Jon Lewis
Sun Aug 30 19:07:18 1998

I just received a 10-pack of Netgear FA310TX (we were so happy with the
ones we got a few months ago, we ordered a couple of 10-packs this time).
I was kind of shocked to see no DEC chip.  FA310TX REV-D1 has a Netgear
chip with markings:


I stuck 3 of them in a new box I was building, and the tulip driver sees
them, but I've not tried hooking it into our network yet.  Has anyone used
these new chips?  Are they as stable/reliable as the older cards with DEC

Also, when putting several of these in a single system, is there any
advantage to having them each on their own IRQ, or are they just as well
off all sharing a single IRQ? about midway
through the page, in big bold letters, there's a typo:

"Diagnotic program"

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