D-Link DE-530CT Locks up PCI

Tim Dixon dixon@webwork.co.uk
Fri Aug 28 06:03:09 1998

Re Mikael's reply below...

I'd wondered whether that might be the problem too, but the network
controller is at
IRQ 11 and the (IDE) disk controllers are at 14 & 15 as per usual.

My guess is that the card is posting an interrupt and the driver isn't
clearing it for some
reason, or is masking the other interrupts and not unmasking them. LAN cards
are notorious for hardware glitches, posting interrupts in strange
situations and race hazards.
I guess I need to take a close look at the code. But if this is a problem
other people have seen, I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion of
it here....


From: Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike@swm.pp.se>
To: Tim Dixon <dixon@webwork.co.uk>
Cc: linux-tulip@cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov <linux-tulip@cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Date: Fri Aug 28 06:03:09 1998
Subject: Re: D-Link DE-530CT Locks up PCI

>I have pretty much the same problem but with a 3com 590. Check with "cat
>/proc/interrupts" if your scsi-controller and network card are sharing
>IRQ. Mine are, and I suspect that is what is causing it.