NetGear now includes linux driver for FA310TX NIC
Tue Aug 25 20:53:37 1998

I have Netgear FA310Tx's in several Linux machines.

One machine is giving me grief:  As soon as someone logs onto
the console, the system may hang ( no keyboard response ).
This is related to the network as I'm using NIS for resolving
hostnames, and coincident with this it is looking up password
If I get past the initial login the machine will work fine until
The status leds on the card and hub indicate that the link is good.

This is with
   Debian 2.0 
   tulip.c:v.0.88 4/7/98
   linux kernel 2.0.34
   Altron board w/ cyrix 233, 32meg

I have an identical system that isn't showing this problem.  So
it seems to be motherboard related.  (I have swapped NIC's and cables.)

Any ideas?