Tulip, Dec Alpha PC164LX 533 MHZ, 100Mbit

Quant-X Alpha Linux Support stefan@sime.com
Sat Aug 22 07:11:19 1998

Hi Oscar !

> I am  trying to use a 21143 Dec Ethernet card on a PC164LX Alpha machine
> running Redhat Linux 4.2 with the most recent tulip drivers.  For some
> reason, we can't get this card to go at 100Mbits/sec.  The machine is
> running Alpha Bios and ARC-Console (not SRM). 
> Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem or, alternatively,
> can you reccommend an ethernet card that will run at 100MBits/sec in this
> configuration?

Have you ever tried de4x5 instead of tulip ?
The preconfigured Alpha systems we ship contain both latest tulip and
de4x5 as module. Our default is de4x5 (we won't change it until at
least Intraserver ITIpci 5232E (four port 21143) will be supported
by tulip).

  ciao -


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