Tulip - Compex

Danilo Godec danci@kibla.org
Sat Aug 22 04:48:34 1998


I have a problem with a Compex FL100TX card, a 21143 based card.  When I
start-up the network (with if-up script) it seems to be working fine, but
just for a few seconds (if I start a normal ping on a machine right next
to mine it lasts for about 5 'pings'). After that, it's just dead -
without any messages in /var/log/messages (or dmesg). Restarting the
interface gets it back to life, again just for a few seconds. 

I'm using 2.0.35 kernel (Intel) with Tulip driver compiled into it (not as
a module) and the card is connected to a 100 Mbps network (hub). 

Are you aware of this problem and do you know any solution to it?

Thanks in advance,