Way to find out which media a tulip card is using

Timm Gleason timm@n2h2.com
Tue Aug 18 15:02:18 1998

I need to find a way of detecting which media type a tulip based ethernet
card is using on a remote box. `ifconfig` just provides
`eth0      Link encap:10Mbps Ethernet`
no matter what speed that the cards is running at. I have tried the
tulip-diag, but it only works when the interface is down and it does not
seem to provide the kind of information I need anyway.

If the server were on our local network I could log into the switch and
check the port, but our servers typically sit on client networks to which we
do not have access to the switch/router/hub login.

The reason behinds this is that we have occasionally had problems with the
D-Link TFE500-TX card sometimes not setting to a specific media when
attached to an autosensing hub/switch. Both ends keep trying to negotiate a
media speed and then they fail. In a single case, the client claims that the
box just switches media by itself. I have a suspicion that something on
their network is causing the problem, but they have not been very
forthcoming with anymore details about the problem.

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