NetGear FA310TX performance with 89H

Gregory P. Smith
Tue Aug 4 15:33:55 1998

> As some of you know I've been struggling with trying to get a handle
> on the rather dismal ftp performance. I recently tried some tests
> with ttcp and have some interesting observations.
> If I remove all disk I/O from the equation and make the -l and -b
> arguments very large then 59 Mbps is possible.

What is your CPU usage % as reported by ttcp (you may need -v).  On my
150Mhz 6x86MX there is hardly any CPU usage.  However on my noname
alpha the CPU is the bottleneck and maxes out around 35mbit/sec (I'm
not sure if its due to a lack of proper DMA being used or just the
33mhz bus speed on the alpha).