NetGear FA310TX performance with 89H

Jon Plews
Mon Aug 3 16:24:33 1998

> If I remove all disk I/O from the equation and make the -l and -b
> arguments very large then 59 Mbps is possible.
> This is good news and bad news. The good news is that I can obviously
> get performance better than 10BT. The bad news is twofold: 1. my slow
> machine is a serious bottleneck, 2. there may yet be a performance
> problem with the driver (why only 59 Mbps when no disk I/O?).
> Peter Stein

Try ttcp on localhost:

$ ttcp -rs &ttcp -ts localhost

This will give some idea of the bandwidth you computer can 

My P200 box (LINUX2.1.106) only manages 12MBps.
My PII333 box (NT4.0sp3) seems to manage > 75MBps.

I've also noticed that UDP is *slower* than TCP (!?).

Jon Plews.