[tulip-bug] Re: FreeBSD Problems with dc(4) ADMtek AN985 chip

Darren Pilgrim dmp@pantherdragon.org
Thu Sep 5 15:49:01 2002

Darren Pilgrim wrote:
> Martin Blapp wrote:
> > I have a 100mbit full-duplex connection, maybe this is the difference ?
> >
> > > 10mbit half-duplex
> Since the issue seems to be the sort where high amounts of traffic
> would be a triggering factor, it's quite possible.  Give me 20 minutes
> or so and I'll go swap the interfaces around so the dc is on the
> inside connected to 100mbit/full and flood the link.

I swapped the NICs around and hammered the LNE100TX for at least 30
minutes straight.  I didn't get any problems.