[tulip-bug] Are you confident? kger

ajgaliz mmxbliz@sky.net
Sun Mar 3 15:09:00 2002

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      <p><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">1. How do you rate your confidence 
        that you could get and keep an erection?</font><br>
        <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">2. When you had erections with 
        sexual stimulation, how often were your erections hard enough for penetration 
        (entering your partner)?<br>
        <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">3. During sexual intercourse, 
        how often were you able to maintain your erection after you had penetrated 
        (entered) your partner?<br>
        <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">4. During sexual intercourse, 
        how difficult was it to maintain your erection to completion of intercourse?<br>
        <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">5. When you attempted sexual intercourse, 
        how often was it satisfactory for you?<br>
        If your answers to any of these questions like &#147;Almost never or never&#148;, 
        &#147;Difficult&#148;, or &#147;Low&#148;, etc.. Help is here. Safe and 
        affordable. Results occur immediately!</font></p>
      <p align="center"><i><b><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#808080">For 
        more information please send an email to <a href="mailto:new_me12000@yahoo.com?subject=MORE%20INFO">new_me@yahoo.com</a> 
        with "<a href="mailto:new_me12000@yahoo.com?subject=MORE%20INFO">MORE 
        INFO</a>" being the only two words on the subject line. To remove, place 
        "<a href="mailto:new_me12000@yahoo.com?subject=REMOVE">REMOVE</a>" being 
        the only word on the subject line. </font></b></i></p>