[tulip-bug] AX88141 2.2.19 (ppc) - Receives in Promiscuous Mode but not Normal Mode

Elizabeth Barham soggytrousers@yahoo.com
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 23:35:40 -0500


Thank you all for writing and testing the drivers. I enjoy using them very

Kernal: 2.2.19
Processor: Motorola 603e (PPC)
Make: Motorola Starmax 3000/160 (Tanzania)
Distrubtion: Debian Potato
Tulip Module: v0.92m 9/22/2000 -DUSE_IO_OPS

The strangest problem: For some reason the card does not receive
transmissions when it is not in Promiscuous Mode.

I like to test transmissions by running tcpdump, but this is causing
the problem.  For when I do run tcpdump the card works great. But when
I stop running tcpdump, the card stops receiving data. I know this
because when I ping a machine from it, the little light goes on on the
Hub. And it appears that the other machine is echo'ing back. But the
machine with the AX88141 on it never sees the other machine replying
unless I'm running tcpdump on another console.

I was not able to get the card to work without the -DUSE_IO_OPS option
when I compiled the module (Could not relocate the memory 0).

Right now I just leave one virtual console running tcpdump on the
interface, which is an okay workaround for the time being.

Any ideas?