[tulip-bug] Tulip vs LNE100TX v4 and Kernel 2.4.4 vs 2.4.6

Jeff Garzik jgarzik@mandrakesoft.com
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 22:11:07 -0400

Hal Brand wrote:
> I just joined this group so I don't know if this has been discussed.
> Just in case it hasn't, here goes.
> I have a LinkSys LNE100TX v4 PCI network adapter that installed and
> worked fine with Win98 and kernel 2.4.4 (tulip driver compiled into
> kernel). With kernel 2.4.6 (didn't try 2.4.5), I get mixed results:
>   * After power-on the tulip driver works fine and continues to work
>         thru as many reboots of Linux (2.4.6 or 2.4.4) as I tried.
>   * However, after Win98 has booted, the 2.4.6 driver fails.
>         Booting 2.4.4 works fine. The problem with 2.4.6 can only
>         be cleared by a power-down - the reset button is not sufficient!

Are you interested in trying the 2.4.7-pre6 test kernel patch?

There is a generic PCI PM problem in 2.4.6, unrelated to tulip
specifically, that has since been fixed.

Also BTW this is a forum for reporting bugs for the scyld.com tulip.c
driver.  The tulip driver in 2.4.x kernels is different, and it is
preferred that bugs are reported to the bug tracker at
http://sf.net/projects/tulip/ to avoid confusing the two...


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