[tulip-bug] Linksys PCM200 question

David Morse DavidMorse@Austin.RR.com
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 18:40:49 -0500

Hi, I have a Linksys CardBus PCM200 and Red Hat Linux 7.0.  I followed
Donald Becker's Driver Update page and now my card comes up fine, but it
looks like it's being detected twice, as eth1 and eth2 (eth0 is an unrelated
NIC already initialized).  To see what I mean, look at the dmesg output:

cs: cb_alloc(bus 35): vendor 0x13d1, device 0xab03
cb_shim.c:v1.00 4/15/2000  Donald Becker <becker@scyld.com>
tulip.c:v0.92i 7/31/2000  Written by Donald Becker <becker@scyld.com>
  The PCI BIOS has not enabled the device at 35/0!  Updating PCI command
eth1: ADMtek Comet rev 17 at 0xc809f000, FE:AF:00:F0:FE:AF, IRQ 0.
PCI: Increasing latency timer of device 23:00 to 64
cs: cb_config(bus 35)
  fn 0 bar 1: io 0x200-0x2ff
  fn 0 bar 2: mem 0x60060000-0x600603ff
  fn 0 rom: mem 0x60040000-0x6005ffff
  irq 11
cs: cb_enable(bus 35)
  bridge io map 0 (flags 0x21): 0x200-0x2ff
  bridge mem map 0 (flags 0x1): 0x60040000-0x60060fff
Found a ADMtek Centaur-C (Linksys) at 35/0 address 0x60060000->0xc808e000
IRQ 11.
ADMtek Centaur-C (Linksys) at 35/0 command 0x7.
eth2: ADMtek Comet rev 17 at 0xc808e000, 00:E0:98:75:C7:E5, IRQ 11.
eth2:  MII transceiver #1 config 3000 status 7849 advertising 01e1.
cs: memory probe 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff: clean.
eth2 is the one that works (apparently eth1 is a mis-identification??).  Any
help on how I scan "skip" this double-detection scenario?



PS--when are these updated drivers (cb_shim, etc.) going into the mainstream