NDC Fast Ethernet and insmod problems.

Kevin Pilch kapilch@uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 15 14:23:23 2000

On 15 Feb 2000, Dave Platt wrote:

> This indicates that the module in question was compiled using the
> "-DMODVERSIONS" option.  The use of this option means "Munge all of
> the kernel's symbol exports, and the modules' imports, so that
> the module will only load properly if insmod'ed into the same
> kernel version against which it was compiled."  It's a simple and
> reasonably effective way of ensuring that you don't suffer from
> kernel-API versionitis (running a module compiled with one set of
> data structure definitions, against a different kernel version which
> has incompatible data structure layouts).
> It looks as if your kernel version was not compiled with MODVERSIONS.
> Try recompiling the module without this flag on the command line, and
> try again.
I am fairly sure that it was compiled with MODVERSIONS, but I will try again, without it, and see.  If not, I guess I could try insmod -f and see if that works.  Thanks for the help, I didn't know that that was how the MODVERSIONS was accomplished, although I am familiar with the option.
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