Network connection

Mark Whitis
Sat Feb 12 22:07:56 2000

You cannot load a module that is already loaded unless you remove it
first.  Reloading it may give you a chance to see error messages you
missed and to crank up the debugging level.  Look at the console
screen and tail /var/log/messages when reloading.  reloading the
module will mess up your routes and you will need to ifconfig
the interface back up (or just reboot).

There is a good chance that you have the wrong gateway, broadcast 
address, netmask, or routes.  If the card was not in the machine
when you installed than none of these would be configured properly.

You may also have a speed/duplex auto negotiation problem with your host.
Read the linux tulip website for information on how to ping.

Here are some commands which might give you some information to explore
in diagnosing the problem:

netstat -i
tail -200 /var/log/messages | less
/sbin/rmmod tulip; /sbin/insmod tulip   # will mess up routes, reboot later
/sbin/rmmod tulip; /sbin/insmod tulip -debug=1  # syntax correct?
tail /var/log/messages
less /etc/sysconfig/network
less /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
less /etc/conf.modules
cat /proc/pci      # look for interrupt/ioport conflicts below
cat  /proc/interrupts
cat  /proc/ioports 
ping <your router here>
ping <other host on your network>
ping <host outside your network> 
# do the lights on your card and hub blink in response to the ping?
Download and run tulip-debug

Have you accidently disabled too many services in /etc/rc.d/rc.*/
including core network functionality (like network and inet).

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On Sat, 12 Feb 2000 wrote:

> I've just begun to use Linux and am having trouble getting my NIC
> configured properly.  I've been searching all over the web for help and
> I've been continuously led to your tulip module.  I went through the steps
> to add the module and was returned the following message when I entered
> "insmod tulip.o":
>      tulip.o: a module named tulip already exists
> I'm guessing this means that my problem may not be the module.  I'm Running
> RedHat Linux 6.1 which probably installed the module during the
> installation of the linux OS.  Do you have any suggestions as to how to
> troubleshoot my problem?  I don't get any errors when booting the OS and I
> am 99% sure that I have all my network settings (IP, Gateway, etc) correct.
> I am not able to ping my gateway and I know that the NIC works because I
> have a dual boot of Win98 that works fine.
> Any help here would be appreciated, at very least if you could point me
> where I can get additional help.  Thanks,
> Jason Ryer
> IBM Global Services
> 781-522-1895  (Tie  362-1895)
> Pager 1-800-759-8888  PIN 1703900
>  or
>  or,4
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