kernel 2.3.41??

declinx root
Tue Feb 1 18:47:40 2000

I have had problems with the older .89 tulip driver since version 2.2.10

I found that the .91 version included with my linksys etherfast worked
well with 2.2.10 and 2.2.14

I just installed 2.3.41 and encountered the same issue, I tried
compiling the source and Igot many errors of reference to invalid type.
The version that came with the source compiles ok, but always gives a
resource busy error. That was the same error I saw on the other kernel

I did update compiler libraries to compile 2.3.39 and above as
recomended in the differences file of the kernel release.

Please copy all in your response as I am not in the mailing list.

Ed Calderon

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