[tulip-bug] Problem with 2.2.18

Hidvegi hzoli@austin.ibm.com
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 17:14:23 -0600 (CST)

David Hinds wrote:

[I was claiming that the latest beta pcmcia-cs release does not work
with the LinkSys PCM200]

> Please send me the system log messages you get after a fresh install
> of the beta.  This description makes no sense to me.  I have multiple
> reports that this beta does work with the 13d1,ab02 and 13d1,ab03
> cards.  Also, the config file included in the beta does have entries
> for both of these card types, contrary to your report.  So something
> funny is going on.

OK, sorry, I messed it up, somehow I used the wrong modules.  I do not
know what I did, but I tried it again, and it worked the first time.
So you are right, the beta release does work fine, except after resume
I have to ifconfig down up, so I would still prefer Donald's driver.