Problems with an ax88140

Carl-Johan Sveningsson
Sat Sep 25 18:47:30 1999

> The 88140 has an Rx filter that's unlike the real Tulip.  They require a
> unique configuration setting to enable broadcast packet reception.  Try an
> updated driver which adds this setting, either
> or from
> Send a report.

Yes, I was already using the tulip.c v0.91, but just to be sure, I checked
that things didn't work (I switched off the ping in crontab).
Things didn't work.
A problem is that I've only got a very limited network to test things in
(two computers)...

Anyway, without me pinging the other computer, no connections will be

Any ideas?

If you'd be interested in telling me the commands for checking and
monitoring arp-functions, I could maybe help more actively...

Thank you.

Carl-Johan Sveningsson

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