Link test disable?

Andy Schweig
Sun Sep 19 15:10:37 1999

I have an SMC 8432T (EtherPower) which is plugged into a 3Com ISDN LAN
modem (which has a built-in 4-port hub). Under NT, I can only get this
combination to work by setting the driver to "10BaseT No Link Test"
mode. Under Linux, the tulip driver complains about there being no link
beat and tries to switch to the 10Base2 port (which doesn't exist). I've
tried playing around with the tulip driver to make it turn off the Link
Test Enable (CSR14<12>) bit, but I can't seem to get that to work (my
knowledge of this card and driver is essentially zero). Any ideas?

Please respond directly to me -- I'm not on the list.

Andy Schweig