Low bandwidth with DE500-BA in 100MbpsFD

Greg Lindahl lindahl@cs.virginia.edu
Wed Sep 1 12:26:42 1999

> We have a 16 machine cluster running Linux 2.0.36 SMP.  Half of these
> machines have DE500-AA cards and the other half have newer DE500-BA cards.
> We've noticed that the machines with the DE500-BA cards give only around
> 8Mbps throughput while the others give 80Mbps and up.  We put a DE500-AA
> card into a machine that had a DE500-BA card and got the expected
> throughput (80+Mbps).  

I'd bet that your DE500-BA cards are not correctly autonegotiating 100
mbits with the 0.89H driver. Upgrade to the latest and try again.

This is a common problem.

-- g