Compaq Presario 1900T laptop dock with 21142 rev 65

Marc Evans
Wed Nov 10 11:09:29 1999

Hello -

I have just acquired a Compaq 1900T with a docking wedge that
contains a Tulip 21142 rev 65 ethernet. I have installed RedHat 6.1
on it, and am unable to use the ethernet. Prior to loading RH,
Windows/98 was installed, and worked fine through the ethernet

I have experimented a bit and have discovered the following:

	- When connected to my 10baseT half-duplex hub, the partition
	  light immediately comes on. This did not happen under

	- When connected to my 10/100 switch, if I do:
		ifconfig eth0 down
		ifconfig eth0 up
		ping {addr_on_lan}
	  I get 4 seconds worth of pings through, before failure. I
	  can instead do a "ping -f {addr_on_lan}" and get about
	  10000 packets through (or four seconds worth) before

I also observe that RH comes with the tulip driver version 0.89H
which appears to be slightly behind the most current available
0.91e. Is there any reason for me to believe that what I am seeing
has been fixed in the newer version? (Somewhat retorical question,
since I plan to try to compile that soon anyway).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might get this device
operational? Please reply directly, since I am not a list member.

Thanks in advance - Marc