d-link dfe-500tx full-duplex issues?

Joe Pruett joey@q7.com
Thu Mar 25 01:02:35 1999

running 0.90q with dual d-link dfe-500tx cards and even though the driver
claims it is turning on full duplex on the second card, it doesn't
actually go into full duplex (according to the leds).  unfortunately, the
switch at the other end does think it is in full duplex, thus leading to
lots of problems.  i ran the d-link diag program and it correctly went
into full duplex, so i'm convinced the card works.

has anyone else seen anything like this?  i've tried using the options=
flags with no luck so far.  i've tried options=12,3 (the first card is
just 10baset).  should i be using the mii flavors (12,13 or 9,13)?

wah.  :-)