D-Link DFE-660

Ralf Lammers rlammers@matzner.de
Fri Jun 25 10:05:46 1999

rls writes:
|Hi folks,
|does anyone know anything about the D-Link DFE-660 PCMCIA network adapter?
|Well, I tried to use it with the tulip driver, but it does not seem to
|work. The Linux cardmgr recognizes the Card and automatically loads
|the tulip_cb module. But ifconfig only display the H/W address
|00:80:00:80:00:80 which is definity wrong. The debug-utility 'tulip-diag -e'
|shows the correct one. Do you think it's because the D-Link card is an 32bit
|PCMCIA-adapter? I read that this sometime cases problems.
|BTW, I'm running Kernel version 2.2.9 including pcmcia-cs version 3.0.11.
|I also installed your latest version of tulip.c (v0.91e).

Hello everyone.

FYI: The problem was solved by using version 0.91 (and not 0.91e) of the
tulip driver.

Thanks to Donald Becker.

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