Problems with DecTulip in KNE 100TX

Brian D. Haymore
Tue Jun 22 12:10:47 1999

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Miquel Gilibert wrote:

>  Hello everybody,
> I had a problem with the Tulip driver in Linux for a Kingston PCI
> 100 TX network adapter with the 21143 chipset.
>  We had two types of network adapters: one type still had the old
> Digital Chipset on it, while the other type just had the Intel 
> Chipset on it. The first type of network adapters would work OK while
> the second type, the ones with the Intel Chipset would not work with
> the 2.2.5 version of the kernel and the standard tulip.c driver.

For installing or initial funtionality use the de4x5 driver instead of the
tulip for the 21143 chips.  This will alow you to function.  I have not
tested performance with this driver, but being that it is old and not
being updated makes me not think it's the best.  You can then take the .91
version of the tulip, or newer, and plug that into your favorite 2.2.x
kernel and recompile and you should be just find like you foudn in the
next paragraph.  I hope that soon the newer tulip driver is added to the
> Finally, I could solve it by putting in kernel 2.2.9 and the last 
> version of the tulip driver (version 0.91e from May 27).
> I am just providing this information in case anyone experiences the 
> same difficulties.
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