more NetGear mising ARPs

Neale Banks
Sat Jun 12 18:43:53 1999

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Keith Owens wrote:

> Does switching the card in and out of promiscuous mode have any effect?
> "ifconfig eth0 promisc", try the Cisco, "ifconfig eth0 -promisc", try
> Cisco again.
> If that works, it could be the problem I saw with Xircom RBEM56G.  The
> TX/RX rings get confused when CSR6 is changed too quickly and the MAC
> filters are not setup correctly.  If promisc on/off works, try tulip.c
> from  This
> patched tulip 0.91 is mainly intended for RBEM56G but the CSR6 fix
> should work on other tulip cards, set strict_csr6=1.

As the first bit worked for me but the second appears to have not worked,
is there anything useful we can pull out of the NICs registers/whatever
that might give us a better handle on what is/isn't happening here?

Worthwhile running tcpdump in non-promiscuous mode while the ARPs are