V91g driver.

root matthew@arts.usyd.edu.au
Tue Jul 20 00:59:24 1999

Media selection problem ??? with 21143.

 I have (had) 2 different versions of the 21143 in the system. A CNet
CN100TX(E) card with a 21143-PD and a chip next to it that might be the
tranciever labeled KS8761. Card works fine on it own.

 The other card is a 4 port card with a PCI bridge. I dont know the
brand, it was removed from a Mac OSX
G3 server. It has 4 21143-TD chips and DP83843 chips. The PCI bridge is
a DEC/Intel chip.

 With the 91g driver, the media selection is totaly hosed if both cards
are installed.  Remove one and it seems to work.

 Would the fact that there are 2 variations of the 21143 in the same
system confuse things?

 Trying to run 5 ethernet ports in the one machine is a bit of a border
case I know....