no link beat - problem with the driver or the router/hub?

Dana Hudes
Wed Jul 7 23:05:49 1999

I have experienced the same problem with SMC 8432T. I reported it as a
bug to RedHat, they (over a month later) respond "works for me". They
tested with an 8432BT.

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Jason Thompson wrote:

> We recently had some difficulty setting up an SMC EtherPower NIC connecting
> to a Netgear RH348 ISDN router/hub.  Using either the tulip or the de4x5
> drivers, we would receive an error message stating that "no 10baseT link
> beat" was found when we connected directly to the RH348's hub.  We were able
> to initialize other cards such as an Intel EtherExpress and an NE2000 clone.
> The only success we had with the EtherPower and the tulip driver was to
> connect the RH348's hub to an external 10baseT hub and then connect the
> EtherPower to that.
> Is this a problem with the RH348's hub (e.g. it doesn't provide something
> that a cheapo 10baseT hub provides), or with the tulip driver checking for a
> link beat where other NIC drivers do not?  I know that the EtherPower card
> uses the updated 21041 chip instead of the 21040, is this something
> addressed in a later version of the driver (we're using a stock Red Hat 5.2
> distribution)?
> Thanks much,
> Jason