Followup: Netgear missing ARPs

Keith Owens
Thu Jul 1 05:23:11 1999

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Donald Becker wrote:
> My current theory is that the chip doesn't know it's own address, perhaps
> due to the driver not finishing the setup in time (?). 
> The confusing part is the chip recieving the transmitted packet, especially
> in half duplex mode.  That would point to a hardware bug.

Something that Neale forgot to mention.  If you hand code the MAC of
the remote machine so the FA310TX does not need to do broadcast ARP
requests then everything works perfectly.  Also ARP broadcasts to the
FA310TX always work and unicast ARP replies from the FA310TX always

Everything points to the FA310TX reading back its own broadcast request
instead of reading the ARP response from the other machine.