Problem with Tulip Driver.

Peter E. Fry
Sat Feb 20 10:52:59 1999

Gilbert Hernandez wrote:
> Hello I am having a problem with the Tulip Driver.
> The Driver correctly recognizes the card but.
> I am constantly getting a message on the screen that says the following.
> Eth0: Enabling 10bt
> Few Seconds Later
> Eth0: Enabling 100TX
> It will do this on and on. Theres no network communication and according
> to the status lights
> on the rear of the card. A 100TX link is present.
> Your help in this matter is appreciated.

  I'm not certain how much help this'll be, but the last time I had a
similar problem was several years back, using an old 430FX motherboard
with an old Award BIOS.  It was a PCI PnP configuration problem relating
to the IRQ assigned to the board.  Note that I generally had this
problem only when I had installed multiple identical adapters.
  To work around this problem:
  - Try running the device's DOS diagnostic (if possible) to see if it
reports a problem.
  - If the BIOS has a "Reset configuration data" option, try that.
  - Try moving the card to a different slot, assuming the Tulip device
is mounted on a PCI card.

  More information would be helpful.

Peter E. Fry